Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Our Vintage Vacation

Last weekend my husband and I went to visit some dear friends of ours...They are the kind of friends that I keep trying to figure out how we are related, but can't quite pinpoint it...Such a comfortable fit without repercussions of "Will I offend them if I talk about this...?" Just pure meld.

Before we left, I was reading some photography blogs, and came across a comment about the hipstamatic app for the itouch. I have been in morning over my camera lately...especially before going on a trip, so this was my answer! I could have fun with this app, even though my SLR Nikon fg is gone, I could still enjoy taking pictures ( Maybe some day I will blog about digital photography so you know what I mean).

So began our vintage vacation...we chose the year 1969...That way everything didn't have to be all in black and white, and the fashion was a little more tolerable than the 70's...Come along, and don't get too upset and judgemental with the discrepancies with the time line, when it's your vintage vacation, you get to do what ever you want!

We drove through the night, and arrived Friday...needless to say we needed a restful day...After coffee and conversation, we headed out for a drive...

From Redwood City to the beach...a breath taking drive, trees towering over to protect and secure...Then we popped out to see...

Inviting us to get anything we want at Alice's we did, sweet potato fries and stout.

Then back in the car for twists and turns and then the beach...the ocean making a path wherever it wants...

We decided to drive a little further to a place they knew you could hike down to the beach...secluded and ...well, just look...

squishing our feet in the sand, looking for little treasures, and of course, chasing the seagulls...ahhh can't you just smell the salt water?
Hungry after the hike, we drove to half moon bay and had some fresh clam chowder and salad for dinner...perfect day.

Well...that's a lot to soak in, so come back for the rest of the trip later!
What would your perfect day be? Or what do you  like to do on the beach? Don't be shy, share!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Movie Critic

Still sick, so I decided to review a few movies I have watched over the last couple of days. fun? I hope so. Exciting? Probably not...but I will try!

First let me tell you a little about my qualifications as film critic...I love old movies. When I was a teenager, I would walk to the local library and check out any old black and white film I could (on VHS of course). Then I started to set meaningful goals for watch every Alfred Hitchcock film...then Cary Grant...and Jimmy Steward...It was an obsession I admit, but it was a good one...

Here we go...

This is one of  Orson Welles films. I wasn't interested in him initially...I have this bad personality quirk that the more famous something is, the less interested I am...Thus War of the Worlds turned my interest away from Orson Welles, I know it's stupid...I am getting over that now.  But enough about didn't come here to read about me...or did you?
This film grabs you right from the beginning. Which isn't always true of older movies, sometimes you find yourself watching for 30 minutes and then end up wondering "Where did they real me in?"  It is based on the Nazi scare, but the suspense translates to our day...right down to the end.  I won't tell you much, but this film is a must see, even if you were at one time intimidated by Orson Welles.

Next up, Sleep, My Love, This is a film about a husband trying to prove his wife crazy, so he can murder her for her money...similar plots have been rewritten many times, this has a slightly different flare. It is one of those films where you know how it will end up, but it is surprising how you get there.

And the last film reviewed for the day is Laura...this film surprised me through out...every time I thought I had it figured out, there was a twist...maybe it was the fever and chills, and stuffed up head...I found  it to be suspenseful, and enthralling to the end...the way it moves from past to present and trying to figure out the future, a must see.

That's all I have for you today...What are you favorite B&W films? Suspense, comedy, drama. whatever they are let me know...they might just carry me through this sickness.

Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm sick

Well, once again, I did too much and am paying for I thought I would do something physically un-demanding, like blog...
Here is a little tid bit about our family...we LOVE popcorn. We make it on the stove with olive oil and it is the best! If fact, we tend to make it quite often...So when we ran out of propane, there was something missing in our lives. I started craving it at night...I tried to make it in my little electric success! It looked as if it would be a week with out popcorn, and then...
Ryan started cooking outside on the old wood stove! It was the answer to my popcorn troubles, and he was on the task...

mmm...can you smell it?  Well, that's about all the energy I have, gonna go lay down, but... popcorn sounds good, doesn't it?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sorry, Life Happened...

I had the opportunity to go visit my closest friend, Nikki for a few days, and we had a wonderful time. There was a huge storm while we were gone, and the temperature dropped below 0 degrees. When we got home, our pipes were broken, our roof was leaking, our washer broke and our propane was out! Thus we have been dealing with that, hopefully it will be over soon.
Because of all that, it took me awhile to get today I am going to revisit our trip! Maybe the warm fuzzy feelings will warm me up!
On our way down to Nikki's, we stopped to get snacks, and all of the left over baskets of goodies were on sale at Sam's Club, we got a gingerbread house for Averey and Knowle to put together...

The deal was that if you want to eat some, you have to help,  Knowle put a few candies on and posed for the picture, but Averey did most of the work...well, pretty much all of the work. For 4 dollars, it provided lots of fun, but for 4 dollars I guess you cant expect it to taste good...maybe next time we will just make our own.
The next day, a friend was stranded because of the roads being closed to get home, so she came and spent the night...the next morning we decided that we would have a champagne breakfast. We made sweet potatoes, and croissants with egg, cheese, and smoked salmon. To quote Xochil, "This is better than love!"
Well, it was a great week...with a little X Box Kinect Adventure, some karaoke, great meals with friends, some good cries, and a triumphant building of a basket ball hoop! Can't wait to do it again...
Now it's back to life, and my freezing toes, but at least I had a good break from it for a bit.